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Doing a regular oil change to your air compressor

Before changing the oil, turn on your air compressor for a few minutes and then turn it off. Warming the machine will allow easy drainage of the oil from the inside. Once the old oil has been completely drained, replace the drain plug using a wrench. Take note that for your Air compressor, purchase its corresponding air compressor oil to ensure compatibility. Pour in the air compressor oil slowly to the machine and make sure you refill just the right amount. Do not forget to replace the fill cap and you are done.

When problems arise and you think it no longer responds to your quick fix solutions, consider having professional services. Husky is a professional dealer of air compressors so when you think you need some repair, you can just take your unit there and hand it over to their qualified technician.

After Purchase

Things to do after your purchase

After making a purchase, see to it that you know the warranty of the product. Warranty is important, especially for having equipment like an air compressor because you will never know if there is a defect until you encounter one.

Upon delivery of the item, see to it that you follow the instructions for the setup. Read the manual carefully and seek for internet help if there are certain things you do not understand. Remember that defects caused by carelessness are not covered by the warranty, so you have to be extra careful. If you do not have the confidence to this, you can ask some help from a professional and let him teach you about it so that you can also do the setup on your own.

When the setup is done and you think there is really a problem with the machine, the best thing to do is to report it immediately. Present the warranty to where you have purchased it so you can have the entire machine replaced with a new and functioning one.

Aside from warranty, you should also take note of its maintenance. Huge equipment, when damaged, may also cost you a fortune that some may recommend you to buy another one. To prevent this and to keep your air compressor unit, functional for a long time, read the care and maintenance guide.

If there is someone you know who would like to borrow your air compressor unit, it would be best to have a written agreement about terms and conditions of using it. This is important most especially if you are lending an industrial type of air compressor to earn some money.

Taking care of equipment like an air compressor unit should be given importance because it is an investment you made for your home needs and you will never know when home repairs are needed. Having an air compressor unit is a very practical choice for you and utmost care is needed to make it last and worthy of its value.

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